If you own a car, then you might be looking for devices that will going to solve your car-related issues. You might have heard about FIXD device. The device is a car monitoring device that diagnoses your car health completely. Here we are going to tell you about FIXD reviews, as well as its specifications.

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Fixd Reviews

About FIXD

Fixd comes with two components that are FIXD vehicle sensor and FIXD application. The FIXD device is compatible on those vehicles which are sold after 1996.

  • Fixd help you understand what is wrong with your car and its consequences. Not only this, it will also signify you what all you can do to make correction.
  • Maintenance indicator to remind you about your maintenance due
  • Plug the FIXD sensor into your car and it is then ready to run
  • Fixd App is auto diagnosed app, which is very simple to use and install.

FIXD Specification

Device Name
Product Size
2.75 X 1.5 X 2.75 Inches
Packet Size
1.54 X 2.64 X 4.25 Inches
App Required
Compatible Device
For iOS devices, iPhone 4s or upgraded
For Android devices, Android 4.0.3 or higher
Compatible Cars
Gas-Powered vehicle launched after 1996
Monitor car

The FIXD sensor can diagnose nearly 6800 car problems that affects your car and its engine. Not only the problem, but it can also tell you the reason and causes of the engine and car problem. The user can diagnose his or her car completely.Types of Car problems that FIXD can identify?

The FIXD sensor can easily recognize the faults caused with the O2 sensor and engine oil. The Fixed car monitor also let you know the issues that you need to solve.

The Fixd App will help you giving simple language review about your car health. The sensor sends the details about the car problem in its own mechanical language. The FIXD App will diagnose the problem and convert it into a simple language that the user can understand it. All you need to check engine light app to fix problems in a car.

How FIXD Car Health Monitor Works?

  • Firstly, the user need to connect the device with the car diagnostic app.

  • Data from the sensor will transmit to your cell phone via Bluetooth.

  • Every time the driver and user enter in the car, the FIXD car monitor will send notification to the user via app.

  • If the car is working perfectly then you will find a green sign and that is “Good to GO” sign. If you find any problem, then it will show you warning sign.

  • The Fixd car app will give you an exact evaluation of the car health.

  • It also screens other cars that relate to the FIXD vehicle sensor.

  • The user can run the application on both iOS and Android devices.


Final Words

If you want to purchase FIXD right away, then you can avail its promotional offer in which you will get Fixd Car Monitor device along with half of the cost of second FIXD car monitor. The offer is limited and will going to expire in few days. If you purchase the device from its official website, then it will come at lesser price compared with the shop price.

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